Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Another New Year

Here we are in 2007. When did I get so stinking old?! It seems like every time I turn around that my life is passing to quickly from me. Yes, I am only 33 (at least for another month or so), but it feels like I am aging more rapidly. Maybe it is Séamus the love of my life and all of his two year old energy sapping mine away (pretty sure he is an extrovert) and causing me to age more quickly? Can I start blaming it on him now? Probably not.

I guess I will make a conscious effort this year to take my multivitamin and figure out a way to renew my outlook on life. Oh, and try to forget about how close I am to the mid-point of 30.


  1. i'm a year older, if it's any consolation. :) but i think there's actually some kinda warp in the space/time continuum and things have been speeding up in recent years...so that i'm really only twenty-four but this accident of time is making look like thirty-five's around the corner. i have high hopes that science will rectify the problem soon.

  2. I don't wanna here it. I will tell you it won't get better. :) Are you exercising? Doing some yoga? It's hard to hear, but exercise will make you more energetic.