Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blue's Clues!

My son & nephew are finding examples of Blue's Clues everywhere. Last week it was on the dinosaur quilt their mimi had made many years ago & that lives in the crib. The back of it is lined with paw print fabric, and the blue ones look exactly like the one on Blue's Clues. On Monday when they were out with my mom playing & inspecting the yard (in preparation for the growing season) they started yelling, "A clue! A clue!" Want to know what it was? A lovely hyacinth bush. They are to funny. And if you could just see the boy doing the hand movement near his mouth that they do during the Blue's Clues song (whatever they actually call it), you would bust a gut.

That is my happy for the day as not much else has been going my way. Hey, there might be a song in that.

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