Monday, May 7, 2007

Escape from the Crib!

The boy has been able to get himself in and out of the crib for about six months now. Yet he never did get himself out. He was content to sit and yell for people to come and get him. That changed this weekend. Saturday afternoon, I finally got him down for a nap around 3:45. It was a joyous occasion that I celebrated by having lunch/dinner & doing some more sorting and cleaning. I was in the bathroom around 6:45 when I heard a thunk. Hurried to finish washing my hands when my little boy comes running into the bathroom. "I got myself up," he says with great pride. He repeats that again after I remind him that he is supposed to wait for someone to come and get him.

Things were good yesterday morning. Then again I forgot to transfer his sippy of water from my bed to his when I moved him, and he was hollering for it. Not so today. My mother was brushing her teeth when she heard the little feet. He appeared in the doorway briefly and then went running through the house. Not sure how to curb this or if we are going to have to convert to a toddler bed or maybe a crib tent.


  1. Kind of hard to know if you should be happy he figured that out or a bit miffed since it's not ideal. :)

    I see a toddler bed in your future.

  2. i had wondered about how this whole transition from bed to crib thing went...i see i shall have much to learn from your experiences, friend.

    god, S is cute.

  3. Yes, bon! Keep O in the crib until you have to switch him. And thanks.