Thursday, July 19, 2007

HP Countdown

I really wish I was going to be standing in line to get my book shortly after midnight. I want to go to one of those parties. In fact where my youngest sister works is hosting a release party. Buy your book at the game, stay & spend money after the game, and get your book at 12:01 a.m. Since she is working this event, I will be caring for two not yet three year old's. This means that I will not be going anywhere until mid-morning on Saturday after supervising breakfast & putting on of clothing. We will then be making the trek to the mall to pick up my pre-ordered copy of the final (is it?) installment. I really can't wait to pick it up, bring it home & stare at it until said sister gets an evening off & I can devote some time to it. Do you think the boys would notice if I disappeared into the bathroom for a few hours?!


  1. I wish you could go, too! Beware of spoilers! One of the morning DJ's on the radio station I listen to has promised spoilers on Monday (apparently he's going to spend the whole weekend reading). He says he'll give a warning. I've not read any of the books, so no skin off my nose, but I fear a lot of folks are going to hear the end before they get to read it.

    And, I'm totally fasinated by the non-bookstores makeing money off of this. A hotel here is doing a Harry Potter sleep over tomorrow and they'll deliver you book to you at 12:01 am, similar to your sister's place of work. That's in addition to all the book release parties going on. Me... I'll be watching Monk and Psych on USA. :)

  2. The team has hooked up with Borders who will actually be selling the books. The local police have even offered a police escort for part of the fun. Supposed to be the biggest promotion in minor league ball this year. Sis will be exhausted. And I am already not listening to or reading anything related to the book, except for what the Freds have to say!

  3. we now have one in the house, but Dave is reading it and i'm too exhuasted to get up the energy to start. i think i may have to take my belated vacation somewhere in a bed by myself with that book! or the bathroom....that's a really good idea, B...i could just pretend i was really really sick and couldn't come out...

    hope you've had a chance to get your fix by now!

  4. I finished yesterday, and have re-read the ending two more times. You really need to get a move on bon!