Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Things They Say!

Ramblings of a besotted momma!

1. Last night while watching Dancing with the Stars, one set of contestants jumped from the stairs to the floor. The boy comes over to me, and tells me they jumped from the stairs. "That's naughty!" says he.

2. At church on 9/29, the boy dropped his offering for church & had to pick it up real fast to put it in the plate. After he put it in, he looked at me & whispered, "I am so smart." Something to be said for a good self image!

Whenever he is upset about something & you ask him to do something else or even try to talk to him he will say, "NO, I'm sad. I go nigh-night."

4. We were in the bathroom for an attempt at using the potty, and he was telling me about how big boys use the potty for poop & pee so they can go to school. He then proceeded to tell me about the bus he was going to both ride in & drive. The bus was not something my mom had been talking about at all in reference to school. He made that up all on his own. (This was 9/28, but he has told me about it again recently)

5. Last night I was looking at his savings account statement, and told him I was reading about his college fund & that when he was great big he would use it for going away to school. In an attempt to go nigh-night in his own bed the following occurred.
  • Laying on the bed stretching his arms way up in the air & pointing his toes.
  • "Are you trying to grow big?" says I. "Yes, but I don't know how to grow," says he.
  • "Growing is just something that happens when you eat good food & get lots of rest. It happens without you doing anything."
  • "Oh, that's great!" says he.
6. Last night, we read A Child's Good Night Prayer for just the second time. I opened it up & he started 'reading' it to me. I am aware that he doesn't know how to read yet, but the fact that he had it memorized (basically) after just one reading was just very cool for this momma. (ETA: he also asks God to bless various things on the page in addition to what is written. Last night it was a fire truck & kite & balloon and the children all around)

7. He has, also, been role playing with baby Michael (my cpk) and telling him things he can't do because they are naughty or telling him that he needs to use the potty. And he doesn't limit himself to just baby Michael. He will tell Mater, Lovey, Walter the humpback whale, Theo & Scruffy as well. (The latter two are stuffed dogs)


  1. This is wonderful! I really loved number 5- I can picture having that conversation myself one day. :-)

  2. Oh that was so sweet! Esp. the one where he's trying to grow. You have a way with words my friend! :)