Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ice Skating

I grew up in southern-ish California where ice rinks are not exactly littering the ground. Heck not even much in the way of snow. When I was selecting colleges one of my criteria was that it be located in a locale that had four separate and distinct seasons. I ended up in Washington (state that is). In my sophomore year, I took a Jan Term ice skating course to meet one of my physical education requirements. I fell in love. It gave me time to think, and was just so soothing to me.

I haven't skated in about ten years for a variety of reasons. Today the monkey and I attended a skating party for one of his friends. It was great! I figured out how to skate again despite my increased girth, and I got to watch the monkey skate for the very first time. In about 45 minutes, he went from moving slowly with the bar to pushing the bar around to almost zooming around the rink without the bar. It was amazing!

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  1. I haven't been ice skating in forever either but it is SO much fun. Glad you got to go with your little man. That is a special "first". I'm going to have to think of what mine is for your question. ;)