Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally February Fitness

The first week of this month, I started a post on my fitness goals for February, and a follow up on where I ended January. Then things kind of went to hell in a hand-basket to put it mildly. My aunt, the monkey's mimi, went into the hospital on the 1st for an infection in her knee. She was released this past Wednesday, and is doing very well. While she was there we had yet another snow storm, which caused school to be cancelled for a couple of days as we couldn't get to my mom's house. In the midst of it all, I discovered that my three new medications were what was causing me to feel so exhausted at the end of the day that I could barely lift my arms let alone complete any sort of work out that wasn't going straight to bed. Then last Thursday I was struck by my first bout of food poisoning. Stellar month? You betcha! (if you missed it, that last bit was laced with just the eensy-est of sarcasm.)

my small collection :)

My original plan was to alternate videos from my small collection with workouts from my Body Gospel program. At this point, I am still trying to figure out how to alter my schedule to fit workouts in to my day since I can't do them at 9 p.m. anymore. So I have been doing some dancing with the Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii, some basic Wii exercise, Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone, and today I did my first Body Gospel workout. I think that the track might be coming back around to me. After a conversation with a friend, I am even considering a round of P90X with her as an accountability buddy. Combined with my more regular intake of chocolate Shakeology, I really am feeling loads better.

what I am doing now alternate days

Now for the update. I know this is what you were waiting for.

Goal: Workout everyday with the Wii
Result: Completed 27 of 31 workouts
-Feeling pretty good about that still. This is the longest streak I have been able to keep up, and it was fun to do my step routines while watching most of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :)

I have some updates to my weight loss journey as well. This is since my last measurements on December 1, 2010.
  • Waist: 2.5 inches (total: 8.5 inches since August 2010)
  • Hips: 1.5 inches (total: 3 inches)
  • Weight: 24 pounds!!!!!! (as of 2/13/2011)
  • Size: down 2 full sizes
Me! Down 20 pounds and 2 sizes!! :)


  1. You look fantastic! I am so impressed by your dedication especially in light of so many set backs. Well done.
    : )


  2. I'm so proud of you! Taking care of yourself and your health requires a lot of commitment, and you've shown by "rolling with the punches" that you are committed!