Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

So, a few months ago my mother gave me this recipe she had printed off for me for months before that as it sounded like something I would like. This generally means a weird combination of ingredients, and probably something nobody else in the family will eat. It was for Pumpkin Black Bean Chili in the slow cooker. I bought all the canned ingredients, and meant to make it before Christmas.

Then I got all kinds of crazy hours, and was to tired to do the dishes let alone actually make food that didn't go in the microwave or practically make itself. Yes, yes. I know this almost makes itself, but it was still beyond my tired brain.

Finally got to it a couple of weeks ago after testing out a recipe for a forthcoming crock pot cookbook. I used the broth as the base of my chili. Failed to measure though and ended up with soup. Really, really tasty soup. So tasty, I nearly didn't share with the one member of the family who actually thought this sounded half way good. Sucked it up though and shared. I am such a saint. You should really try this.

I used chicken instead of turkey

It's a Keeper

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