Monday, April 2, 2007

Hey Fred!

I am writing this post to honor the anniversary of the Fred's. Who are the Fred's? They are a bunch of amazing women from all over the world who share a passion for nomenclature and dark chocolate (or any chocolate at all!) We formed a group based on these loves two years ago on babycenter to discuss names & our lives. Being namers by nature, we decided that we couldn't just chat, but that we needed a name. Fred was born. Now two years later, I truly can't imagine my life without them even though we have never met in real life. I thank each and every one of you for touching my life & my minor obsession with names.

Go Team Margaret!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Chocolate and Names... good combination. Though, chocolate goes well with anything. :)

  2. us Freds love you, B.

    funny how a group of women we've never met can make so much difference in our lives...and make me feel like i have friends all over.

    sure you can't bring S. along to England in a months' time...? :)

  3. lex~To true about chocolate!! :)

    bon~aw. I wish I could get to England, but I just don't think the financials are available. Maybe you could have a stop over here or a mini-convention next April at MJ's. :)

  4. *GASP* is that child TIED to that chair? LOL OMG sorry, I couldn't help myself. He's gorgeous by the way.
    Can you tell me more about your group? As in, what exactly is nomenclature? I mean, I know the definition, but I didn't know it was a hobby. (?) I'm intrigued. :)

  5. Can I stick my tongue out at you adrienne?! Yes, he is tied into the high chair. Only way to keep him from falling out these days! and thanks for the compliment.

    I guess that I use nomenclature as a way of describing the study & interest in naming. Most of the ladies in my group tend to obssess about the names of their children, future children, and love to help others who are in need of naming advice. We all met on the bbc girls names board, and continue to hang out there. It is something of a calling for me, this naming thing!

    Does that answer the question?

  6. Yes, thanks, and the inevitable question to follow...what do you think of Kiera as a name? ;) LOL