Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Parade

On Saturday, I took my boys to the church so that they could ride in the trucks pulling the float (church replica) and praise team for the annual town parade. They played a bit while things got settled, and then I loaded them into separate trucks (car seats had already been installed). Just as the truck holding my son got ready to move, there was a boom & flames started shooting up out of the box around the generator (for the praise teams equipment). The driver put it park & shot around to the other side to grab the boy out of his car seat. They got the fire out, and decided to just load up into the back of the truck (once they hosed it out) & go acoustic. I had to move T's seat to that truck & load them back in. The boy's were given flags to wave out the windows. The last part is what my boy told me all about when he got home. They got to eat lunch-hot dogs! That's my boy always thinking about food.

All in all a very memorable Memorial Day.


  1. Wow... Looks like both of us had Memorial Day weekend adventures of the potentially hazardous kind. Glad S is okay and that they had a good time. And, I'm with S -- food is the most important thing. :)

  2. yikes. yikes, yikes, yikes.

    note to self...keep child in house until age of majority.

    no, i suppose that's not practical...but yikes.

    so glad no one was hurt. :)

  3. lex~he is so all about food. going to need a second job to feed him. :)

    bon~you can give it a try, but I think S gets into just as many predicements at home as he does outside in the big bad world.