Monday, June 25, 2007

why I don't think weekends are relaxing

This past weekend started out alright. Nobody got hurt anyway. Sigh. Friday night was a disaster with T crying off & on, and S jumping & climbing on anything that stood in his way. We finally got to bed around 10:30. And were up again Saturday morning at 8 & 9. Luckily, I had time to pay the bills and go through the stack of mail that has been piling up for a month. We headed out for the park after a measly breakfast (actually meal provided was excellent, consumption was poor). Then we headed to my mom's for a snack & diaper change before heading home for naps. Decided to stay & help mom get ready for guests this week. Two and a half hours later both boys were asleep, and I had won my fight with T over him not needing or can't going nigh-night (with some help from grams). Forty five minutes later I heard my boy get up. All in all I wasn't very helpful. Went home for dinner after playing in the yard for a bit. We were doing real good. We had a bath & got in our jammies, read some books & headed to my room for nigh-night with our sippies of water & stuffed animal of choice. Then my boy knocked over a basket of bill paying stuff (that was theoretically out of his reach), and while I was cleaning up found the bottle of white out that had fallen out. I found him out in the living room painting his belly, legs, arms, jammies, and his new Elmo couch with the "powder". Then had to change him from the skin out & scrub him down. So much for a bath. It was after 10 when we finally got back into bed.

At 6:45 Sunday morning, T wakes up & before I can get him out of the room he wakes up S.
Breakfast of waffles & oranges & chocolate milk was followed by quick shower for this momma and the packing of the church bag, after church bag, and putting on of church clothes. Just as we are getting ready to leave, T had to have a bm. This made us late enough to church to miss part of the baby dedication ceremony. S had to go to the porch twice during service. Note this is not a good thing, and generally means said child is having a severe talking to. Headed home after church & put the boys all most immediately to bed. When I returned from the gathering of laundry (we still don't have a washer or dryer at our place & I am NOT going to the laundromat with 2 toddlers in tow by myself), I discovered that I was clearing a plot & planting green beans. Finished just about the time the boys woke up from their naps. Playtime, snacks, more time outs for various infractions for both boys, dinner (fresh lettuce from the garden), and then home for another 10 o'clock bedtime.

I am wiped, sore and stuffed up. Whoo hoo! I get to do this again next weekend!


  1. Not to be all in you business or anything, but where's your sister? Are we only seeing one half of a childcare arrangement, or are you, uh, being taken advantage of?

  2. Whew, just reading that tired me out. You need some reciprocity real soon, IMO. *snap* :D

  3. me too, B...where's your sister? everything okay?

    cause that sounds exhausting. and hard on you, like you're swimming upstream.

  4. She has been putting in really long hours at her job. Just finished a homestand (i.e. her day starts at 9 or 10 and doesn't end until midnight or later), and another begins on Saturday. A short one but nevertheless. She was there, but I let her sleep Sunday morning until I just had to get my shower. She had gotten home at 3:00 a.m. Poor thing is just as or more exhausted I think.

  5. what a rough period for both of you, and with two rambunctious little boys...sending love.

    you're a good mom, B.