Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre-pregnancy Weight Achieved

Can I get a few Hallelujahs here?! :)

A little back story: Flash back to 2003 when I was just in a low place and worried about my health. A friend (hi Jill) talked to me about Jazzercise, and I started going two to three times a week (hi Paige!). I, also, started weighing and measuring my food. I was determined to get healthy. Over the course of a year, I lost 25 pounds, which brought me down to 200 pounds. Then in March 2004 I got pregnant. Deliberately.

Did I go out of my mind with I can eat for two? Not a chance. I kept eating reasonably, and measuring my portions. I kept walking the dog, and going to Jazzercise. I gained exactly 25 pounds with my pregnancy. At my one week check up post birth, I weighed in at 192. I felt fabulous.

Present day: I have been stuck since April or May at the weight of 205. I have said that it was beginning to piss me off. And that the scale makes me crazy. I didn't want to weigh today, especially after last night's measurements showed an increase in certain locations. I was not ready for more disappointment. When I went to weigh, the Wii board's battery pack was dead. So I decided to try the regular scale. Imagine my surprise when I thought I was just over 200, and had my sister look....twice. Yep, 200 pounds. That is 5 pounds lost in this first phase of P90x (total of 33 in 11 months), and reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. I am over the moon.

Next up? My post-pregnancy weight!!


  1. fabulous post, brooke! congrats and hallelujah :)

  2. Brooke, you r awesome! no better way to say it :) keep inspiring us all!