Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 2 ad 3 Cize Challenge

So week 2 was an interesting one. I ended up doing four You Got This routines. Then I added in the Jericho McMatthews work out in Beachody on Demand, and some country line dancing with my Wii to round out my workouts. Can I tell you that I loved the Jericho workout? Made me love yoga again. It was a good week. I didn't have any sweets so that is a win!

Week 3 didn't go as well unless you count the fact that I started actually hopping during trips, and then jumping on the other moves. It was exciting! Then I hurt my knee. Again, I got in four of the Full Out workouts. I added in an ab rouitne from Hip Hop Abs and a 20 minute TurboFire workout to round out my week. I ended up doing over 23, 000 steps on Saturday, which is just over 9 miles. Didn't help my knee much. Rest day on Sunday ended up with meeting my step goal, and I thought m kee was better. Wrong. I am now sporting a fantastic knee brace. Go me!

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