Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Model

Last night my sister & I took the boys to a casting call/screening for a modeling & casting agency. My mom saw the ad in the paper & we decided why not? When we finally got our turn, S handed his paper to the lady at the computer and I placed him on the big green x in front of the lady with the video camera. I had to step away & be quiet while she asked him questions. He did really well for about 3-4 minutes, and then walked away from her. She asked him his name (name saymus), where his nose was (he contemplated her for a bit before pointing), then where his ear was (he reached across and said "it's there" and then took the same hand to indicate his second ear and said "other one"), and then how old he was. Since he refuses to ever answer that question that was when he walked away. He did come back when the lady turned the camera viewing piece back around for Thomas to see himself. So they got a cute video of the two boys together. And........

They are both so dad-gum photogenic that they made it in. However, due to the cost both my sister & I are going to start saving up for the photo & agency fee. Hopefully, when they come back in four to six months my boys will become super baby/toddler models. If nothing else maybe a few jobs to get them further along in their college savings.

A few of his pin-up poses from the infant days.

Our announcement photo taken at about one week old.

Taken at about 6 weeks old wearing the sweater & booties set from Auntie Ruth, resting his head on the rott puppy (named Theo) from Auntie Bubba, and laying on the blanket from his Annie.

Taken laying on the blanket from Auntie Jamie and clutching his elephant lovey from Miss Janet at 4 months.

And lastly the close up photo taken just before we left for church & his baptism at 6 months old. His auma made his little sailor suit for him.


  1. B...that's so cool! and of course they wanted S...he really is a beautiful boy.

    you know, i'm not sure we have modelling agencies here in the back of beyond where i live, but...i'm a little tempted to get O signed up for some college money too, since he's such a little camera hoor. :)

  2. Hi There, I was just searching for baby modeling blogs & came across yours. I wanted to let you know that MOST legitimate Agencies don't charge you ANYTHING!!! If you are serious about getting your cuties in baby modeling send in a few snapshots (no prof photos needed) to legitimate agencies listed on SAG in your area. If they are interested (& who wouldn't be with your cuties) they will call you for an interview and represent you child(ren) for NO cost to you. They get paid 15% commission when you get paid!!! Best of Luck! I like your blog. :)

  3. Hi just the sous chef! Thanks for the information. We were intending to do it on our own after discussing it as a family. And thanks for the compliment!