Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Month of Illness

Seems that we no sooner get over one thing and then it is another. The boy & I are both ill with colds. Great gobs of snot & hacking coughs. It is so bad that my boy took a slightly longer than 4 hour nap yesterday. Got up and ate a huge meal (meatloaf, french fries, pizza, mozzarella stick, zucchini stick, some fruit) and shared a bowl of ice cream with auma. Less than four hours later his mimi was going to bed. Séamus looks at her from the denim recliner and says, "Mimi go bed? I go bed." When asked if he wanted to go nigh-night, he got down from the chair & husseled himself into the room with a crib. Settled down & was gone within minutes. When I got home an hour later, he woke up for the trip home, but wanted to go nigh-night cib (crib) when we got home. No nursing if you can believe it. I took that opportunity to take a nice hot, steamy shower to relax, and followed it up with pain killers & cough syrup. He slept four hours by himself & only woke up briefly to come to my bed. As far as I know, he is still sleeping. I think this might have worn both of us out. Sad part is that I have heard that this particular cold/cough thing can last up to four weeks. Man, I am so not into that.

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  1. ah, B...i'm so sorry for all the nasty germs.

    i do think four weeks is a little long for them to stick around, you think perhaps you could put out a "germs no longer welcome" sign so they get the message and pack their bags?

    hope it's soon. and i hope once you're both healthy, S's sleeping continues. :)