Friday, February 9, 2007

First Stomach Virus!

My little man has only had one other real illness in his life & that was an ear infection this past fall. Wednesday night he walked into the bathroom gagging & I knew we were in for it. I felt so bad for him. Well, I also felt bad for the momma who had to clean everything up (three times, once on my bed), and then ended up being sick all night long as well. Luckily, his illness was relegated to just those three instances. I had to call my mom & best friend looking for ideas on what to feed him Thursday. How was I supposed to remember the BRAT diet when I hadn't had to use it in the whole two years of his life? I had planned on warm jello for me, but didn't think about giving it to him. duh! He did thoroughly enjoy it along with his peanut butter toast, bananas, and small scoop of yogurt for breakfast.

We are both back in mostly full health. My mom said he had a small incident this morning (can we say sitting quietly in a chair for more than 15 minutes?), and I am working food back into my daily routine. I heartily recommend not getting this recent bout of stomach virus.

ETA: Apparently he has been crying all day. Everything is just tragic. And he is calling me on his cell phone. Me who he never talks to on the phone. It is always mimi or papa or auma that he calls.

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