Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lost weekend!

This is not in tribute to the tv show Lost, which I have never seen. It is due to my one full day & two nights spent with two (yes two!) two year olds.

Everything went fine with the pick-up Friday evening. Thomas is used to going places with Séamus and I. We started having issues when I started the shut down routine the boy & I have established. Séamus is required at the very least to put away his cars/trucks/tractors/trains in their little bucket before bed. I really don't want to be stepping on one of those hard metal things in the middle of the night. They REALLY hurt. Thomas kept getting them back out after the boy put them in. Then there was the struggle over getting ready for bed, followed by not wanting the tv off, and then the inevitable didn't want the light off issue. Granted, we go to bed about 2-3 hours before he normally does and his routine is much different. Still I didn't think we would have that many issues.

And then the crying because he wanted his mommy. I felt so bad for him. Between needing to snuggle him, and chasing down "I see an opportunity to play" boy it took us over an hour to get everyone asleep. Woke up at one point looking for T, and panicked since he wasn't readily visible. S sleepily told me, "Down there." T had crawled out from under the covers and was curled up with his head at the foot of the bed.

We spent the day going to get donuts & play with a friend of mimi's, going to Walmart for pedialyte & to see auntie bubba, and to the park for about 20 minutes of running around. We then headed to my mom's for real food & naps. Helped my mom around the house as much as possible before S woke up (less than 2 hours) and waited for T to wake up. Had dinner with auma (my mom) and mimi (Pam), then headed home for baths and bed.

Sunday I got two boys breakfast, which they didn't eat, before getting them dressed for church. Took longer than necessary as T coughed up a whole bunch of mucous on my clean jeans & the floor. We actually made it there precisely on time. And then disaster struck. S had a life is tragic moment meltdown. Everything set him off. We spent almost the entire service out in the foyer. He even got special mention from the pulpit a few times ("Sometimes our children cry & there is nothing we can do. Séamus we feel for you."-or something to that effect).

After church, S and I actually went home for his nap. Two hours into it, he woke up crying. I went in, got him and sat him down on my bed (read sofa sleeper) to fix his sippy of water. Gave it to him and sat down on the floor to continue my sorting project. Looked up to find him laying on the bed like he had just fallen over sound asleep with his sippy cup between his knees. Silly thing slept for 2 more hours like that. Good momma points for removing the sippy before covering him with a blanket.


  1. You certainly get points for moving the sippy. When Celia finally goes to sleep I'm so afraid of waking her that I just leave her..wherever she went down!

  2. B, i'm tired just reading about your weekend! the image of S sleeping with his sippy btwn his knees is heartwarming, though...

    you're doing good. :) hang in there.

  3. Rebecca~I think the fact that he fell asleep while I was watching Jumpin Jack Flash made it alright to move things. :)

    bon~I wish I had a camera at that point. thanks for the support.