Monday, March 5, 2007

My Conference Program!

I am starting this post as a way to get started on my collected thoughts to submit to the library to prove that spending money on me was worth it. I just returned from a 5 day/4 night trip to Pittsburgh, PA for the joint conference of the Music Library Association & the Society for American Music.

Thursday, March 1

11:00-12:30 School of Music recordings in music libraries: management, preservation, access
1:00-2:00 SAM Plenary Session in Honor of Thomas Hampson (a most eloquent man)
4:00-5:30 How to Sing (talks on aspects of The Sacred Harp & Shape-note singing schools in America)
5:30-7:00 Sacred harp sing-in
7:30-8:30 Concert at the University of Pittsburgh
8:30-11:00 Reception at the University of Pittsburgh (loved me a glass of wine & some good food)

Friday, March 2

9:00-10:30 Hot topics in cataloging (sounds more glamorous than it was!)
11:00-12:30 Voyager users-group meeting (blah!)
1:00-2:00 "Musical cross-dressing as class rebellion: Gretchen Wilson and the country rhetoric of the 'virile female'" (very fascinating topic that has very little to do with my actual job)
4:00-5:30 Naxos Music Library open forum
5:30-6:30 New England Chapter meeting

Saturday, March 3

7:30-9:00 Alexander Street Press breakfast
9:00-10:00 Dance (talks on Henry Ford's Dance Manual & on Fred Astaire's solo dances with African American musicians)
10:00-10:30 The present and future of integrated library systems (ILS)-This was actually a 90 minute session, but I opted for fun for the first hour!
12:30-2:00 Resource Description and Access (RDA): a new cataloging standard for a digital future
2:00-3:30 Foster, studied & sung (Stephen Foster that is, and it was a lot of fun!)
4:00-5:30 MLA business meeting
6:30-8:30 Cocktail reception (featuring the SAM Brass Band and the MLA Big Band)-I went down at 7 for the music.
8:30-11:00 Banquet & Dancing (my meal consisted of a sun dried tomato crusted chicken breast stuffed with bell pepper, spinach & cheese with a side of carrots & green beans, and a very fantastic chocolate torte for dessert. did I mention the wine?!)

I drove to the conference & back which was about a 10 hour drive each way. It was nice to be able to commune with myself, and rest my weary, introverted soul.

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  1. wow, i want to go to your conference.

    actually, anywhere other than the local baby lapsit program sounds pretty exotic....i think i'm starting to miss working outside the home. :)

    especially when there's chocolate torte!