Friday, February 2, 2007

My new passion!

No, I don't have a man in my life other than Séamus. No, my new passion is car seat safety. It has been slow growing, but I think I might be borderline obssessed. I still can't believe how uninformed I was prior to my accident last July, and this after doing some research on seats. I wish everyone could have the ladies at the Car Safety Board of babycenter at their disposal. My little man will be rear facing in his seat until he is either to tall (likely) or to heavy (not so much since he is only about 24-25 pounds). He will be in a harnessed seat until he is 6 or 7, and then in a really good booster.

Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. The safety of my son & my beloved nephew are due to your sharing of information and your knowledge of car seat safety in unsurpassed.


  1. obviously, i have much to learn in the car seat area...i've been to the board a couple of times, but the conversation was so jargon-laden i was lost.

    maybe you could give a brief rundown?

  2. ps...i did click your "my toddler rides rear-facing" icon awhile ago and learned a great deal from that and have been starting to spread the word among my friends. what confuses me on the car seat board is the actual technical discussions of specific car seats, especially since in Canada not all the ones discussed are available.

    O is still riding in his Graco Safeseat/infant carrier, which is good until 28 pounds (so at least 7 to go). but we also were given a Safety First convertible seat for him to grow into, for Christmas, which we haven't installed yet. it was when i went to read up on it on the board that i got lost...all the discussion of shells, etc.

  3. Hey Brooke! Good to know! Thanks for finding me...I have added you to my blogroll. (I've been doing a lot of updating recently.) Glad to be reading you!