Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Field Trip

This morning it was coming down rain. I mean really coming down, but there was not call from the school to say trip canceled. So I went ahead with my plan. Got both boys up around 8:30, fed them (well I gave them food anyway), dressed and out the door in the pouring rain by 9:10 am. Only to get drenched because T didn't run behind me. Nope he froze because the sound of the rain scared him. Had to yell twice to get him to run to the car. By then my shirt was sopping, and I still had to get him buckled & around to the other side to buckle S who had run to the car & got in as told. Picked up Amber, who had graciously agreed to chaperon to help with my sanity at 9:15. At school for photos by 9:30, whoever scheduled this trip without consulting the school calendar was insane, and I left the school at 9:50 to go home and change & gather all the gear necessary for a day in our life.

I received the following update around 3:15 today.

"The boys got back at 2:10, had some water, talked to me [my mon] a bit about the field trip, changed their clothes and are sound asleep. They had a great time. They were also very good. [YAY!]"

What they did on their trip: They took a hayride (minus hay, they sat on benches) to the apple orchard, where they were told about the apples on the farm. They got to pick and eat one apple. Then they went to the gourd field where they got to get out and pick a gourd and some indian corn. Then they went to lunch and tasted the apple juice. Then they came home.

I have it on good knowledge that T loved riding the bus. Don't know about S as he was already sleeping when the question was asked.

Edited to add
: I spoke with S last night, and he loved riding on the bus. However, he was very bummed that he had to ride next to Bubba and not Tessa.


Note: Photo from a family apple picking adventure and this is cross posted on Facebook


  1. Sorry for the rough start this morning! It sounds like the boys had a great time though.

  2. Sorry to hear you got soaked, but so glad the boys enjoyed the field trip. Great picture.

  3. what a lovely trip, despite the rather rough start

  4. Ooops.... PS - you've been tagged!