Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goldbaum's Ice Cream Cones

Since May, I have been steadily accumulating gluten free and/or allergen free recipes, blogs, and websites. I don't even remember how I found Adventures of a Gluten Free mom, but I am eternally grateful. She had a give away for Goldbaum's products, which clued me into the fact that there are ice cream cones that the monkey can have. Whoo hoo!! I found them locally at Kokopelli's Bounty, and we tried them out tonight. The monkey of course loved them. :) My nephew, also, asked for some chocolate ice cream cone, and enjoyed them as well without knowing that they were special for the monkey. Score on both counts!


  1. I love your nickname for you kid. So cute. I really like special little names for children. I always call my daughter my little bean. I don't know why, but ever since pregnancy she was my little bean. Or miss M.

  2. Thank you! His auma/my mom gave it to him when he was about a week old, and it has been prophetic given his climbing tendencies. :)

  3. Glad he enjoyed the cone! Glad that nephew did as well - won't hurt him to be gluten free every so often.