Friday, September 24, 2010

Pizza night

We try to have pizza night once a week in our house. Generally a Friday night treat. I have been cheating on this since the monkey was diagnosed. I have been letting him have the regular English muffin for his pizza. Yes, for the most part he gets allergen free sauce and vegan rice cheese, but he was still getting the wheat. I was just tired of trying to find something he liked and bombing. So, I just dealt with it by caving. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at a gluten free pizza crust. I followed the recipe to the letter (to much for our pan), added the special sauce (not enough for the crust), then added a layer of crushed pineapple and a new cheese (not enough for the size of the pizza). It went over like a lead balloon. Sigh. I had once again failed him. He didn't like the sauce, the cheese or the bread. He did like the canned pineapple. Then I had a piece. Yes, it needed more sauce and cheese, but overall it was extremely tasty. I added some extra sauce and cheese before microwaving, and it was exquisite. The monkey has just decided to be stubborn about everything, and has decided to not like anything that doesn't taste like it did before. So, take my word for it. This was a great crust!

I will say that I didn't use corn meal and we subbed coconut milk. Oh, and the cheese we used was by Daiya. It says it melts well, but as with the cheeses we have tried so far I don't really find that to be true. However, it has a great flavor to it, and that is really what is important.


  1. Kudos to you! I used to try and make my own pizza but my doughs never turned out quite like I wanted them to, though I'm about to gear back up to give it another go.

  2. Go for it!! :) This was truly amazing stuff. I ended up eating all but a piece of it by myself. Yummy!