Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Secret Santa Exchanges

I am a little behind the times here, but I plead a bad cold and the insanity of Christmas week for the belatedness of this post. Or just my insanity? Whatever. :)

I had the pleasure of participating in two online Secret Santa Exchanges this year. The first through the Fred's, and the second was a blogger exchange put together by Tina over at Faith, Fitness, Fun. I loved picking out the gifts for the exchange and packaging them up. I think the blogger one was more challenging as I only knew my giftee (is that a word?) through her blog and a brief list of likes. The Fred's was a bit easier as I have been friends with my online group of name nerds for over 6 years!
Fred gift going out to my friend Kate (and her adorable daughters)

Blogger gift going out to Anna @Active Fingers

I received my Fred gift first. Who or what is Fred? I think I said before we are a group of name nerds brought together on Babycenter about 6 years ago. We decided to form a private group to be more intimate in our conversations. I don't think I could survive without these amazing women in my life. Backstory complete, onto the gift. I received from MJ a host of very cool items. I am in love with my new mug, and have consumed all the cookies. The m&m's have been hidden from others, and the books are in my tbr pile (to be read, if you need that!). Thank you so much MJ and Chewbacca who mailed the package! ;)

My second gift arrived just a couple of days later. The card and gift were from Jessica at The Process of Healing. She even thought of my son in the gift with a great new allergen free cookbook. We used the very cool new plate to put out our gluten free chocolate chip cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I feel so blessed! Thank you Jessica!

The monkey wanted to help open our package (the lightsabre was his idea!)

He, also, wanted to take my photo opening the package

Candy already 1/2 gone, the plate is destined to be used for some food photo, and the monkey & boo have agreed to try something from the cookbook once a week

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  1. Sorry I missed this post! And how sweet of Jess to get something you can use for your son. What a sweetheart!