Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More New to Me Ingredients

This past year has been a real eye opening experience for me. I had vaguely heard of and seen products for people who suffer from food allergies, but not ever really paid attention. So when the monkey got his diagnosis, I went to town on the research. That's what librarians do, right? I had no idea there were so many different kinds of flours out there or that there was a whole world of simple sugars. I am still processing and learning all this great information that I have found. I don't know if the monkey fully appreciates what I have been doing, but at least I have been having fun. :)

Sweet Potato Puree

Tonight's dinner was another recipe from Ricki Heller at Diet, Dessert and Dogs. You know for the new cookbook?! I will say that it isn't nearly as pretty as hers, but the flavor was fantastic. New ingredients? Garbanzo bean flour for the pancake and stevia in the sweet potato puree. Stevia incidentally was the ingredient of the month over at the SOS Kitchen Challenge. This rollup features sliced apples as well. I will be making it again very soon.

Question: Have you tried a new ingredient recently? What did you make? Is it a keeper? Discuss. :)


  1. Your rollups look great to me! Glad you enjoyed them. :)

  2. Thanks! :) I think my "burrito" rolling issue is similar to my candy making skills, i.e. non-existent. :)