Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday

And I mean that! Kind of a house keeping sort of day. I think we will do it in a list.

1. Last week, I made a vegetable breakfast hash for Ricki Heller's (Diet, Dessert and Dogs) new cookbook. It was spicy and fantastic! I had it for lunch and breakfast, plain and in a wrap.

Finished Dish

How it Started

2. I am hosting a clean eating challenge and support group on Facebook during the month of March. Come and join us as we continue to hold fast to our resolutions to be better, healthier people in 2011 and beyond. (The photo below will link you to the challenge!)

3. And I am participating in Blog it Forward hosted by Traci! :) If you are new here, welcome! Please leave a comment so I can follow you back!


  1. I love that you ate it in a wrap--such a great idea! Looks delicious. And the clean eating challenge is a great idea, too--will try to submit something. :)

  2. As I ate that first bowl, it came to me that it would make a fantastic wrap. The 17 month old girl I watched really liked it as well!