Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesomeday Revisited

What is Awesomday you ask? It was begun by my friend, Sarah, over at Uberlibrariana, as a new way to look at Wednesday. I am not sure what the impetus for it was, but for me it has become a way to reflect on the small things in life. You know those things that you might overlook normally o that may seem like negatives on the outside. It is all about the positives. When I remember (ha!), I will try and re-cap my list over here. So this is yesterday's list!
Things that are Awesome: April 27th edition

#1: Being reminded by Sarah of Uberlibrariana that today is Awesomeday! Won't you join us?
#2? Cinnabon bread toasted with a bit of butter and coffee with Almond Joy creamer. heaven!
#3 Goober girl's nap time, which equals a 30 minute walk with Leslie for me!
#4: Early pick-ups! (I babysit an 18 month old affectionately known as the goober girl) Going to finish my salad and run a couple of errands!
#5: my business/blog page, Brooke's All Things B, is growing.
#6: exchanging my size 16 Easter dress for the 14 because the top was to big just a month after buying it. :)
#7: the portability of Shakeology, and the drink itself. what a great afternoon snack.
#8: the monkey finding my missing Italian link charm braclet in a most unlikely place. (shoved down under the back seat in the car)
#9: the monkey's playgroup artwork and the 100% he got on today's spelling test!
#10: Can I say Team Infinity Beachbody Coaches and our weekly calls? I ♥ you guys!
#11: Doing the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure with my mom and sister in just over a month. (If you would like to sponsor us, please go here!)
#12: Bedtime! (even though it is hours after I wanted it to be)

Why don't you join us next week for Awesomeday on Facebook or Twitter?

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