Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awesomeday: May 11th & 18th editions

I missed last week somehow in my overviews of Awesomeday. So you are going to get both today, because something supremely awesome happened last week. What is Awesomeday you ask? Other people call it Wednesday. My friend, Sarah at Uberlibrariana, renamed it Awesomeday. A day to take the time to see the positive in everything, and to take joy in even the smallest of things.

May 11, 2011

1. Oatmeal with brown sugar and macadamia butter. Even more awesome that I am sharing it with my monkey!
2. COFFEE!! Can't be said enough!
3. Meeting other bloggers through blog hops and happenstance!
4. Getting a new coat of paint on my toes and putting some on the Goober girl!
5. Scoring a ticket to the Beachbody Coach Summit and having an AWESOME family who is making this happen for me.
6. Chocolate-Peanut butter-Banana Shakeology for dinner, which is totally portable to T-ball games!

7. My Monkey!

8. Team Infinity Beachbody Coaches weekly calls.
9. Sarah and Jennifer spreading the Team Awesome love around. You all made my day. MWAH!!!
10. A third cup of coffee to go with my first research assignment as an intern. I am excited!
11. Bedtime! Or at least I know it will be when I get there.

May 18, 2011

1. Seems redundant, but COFFEE!!!
2. Re-reading the Monkey's proverbs from Tuesday's historical book club. (Note: They read Ben and Me)
  • If you can't stand the heat, swim
  • Better to be safe than in trudll [trouble]
  • A penny saved is 1 cent
  • Better late than not going
  • Strike while the parent isn't looking
  • Children should be seen and not hert [hurt]

3. We were going north on the interstate and noticed a motorcade going south. Turns out it was the President on the way to speak at the Coast Guard Academy. How very, very cool!
4. Shakeology lunch with a dipped nutter butter 100 calorie bar chaser. I LOVE Shakeology!
5. Turbo Jam, specifically Turbo Sculpt today.
6. Getting a new swimsuit for my trip to L.A. Even more awesome? Getting it for 50% off rather than the 30% it really was. Thank you to the Target associate who put about 10 of those suits in the wrong place.
7. Being just 16 days away from the Komen Walk for the Cure.
8. Team Infinity Beachbody Coaches weekly call. So much amazing knowledge and experience.
9. Team Awesome! Sarah, Jennifer and the rest of the gang. Rocking May, people! DFTBA!
10. Sleep and a busy Thursday ahead. Awesomeday has drawn to a close for me. Hope yours was filled with awesomeness.

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  1. Love it! FOllowing you!

    Thanks for visiting! That's cool about seeing the motorcade. When I lived in Louisville, Kentucky I had no idea there was a secret bat entrance/exit from our airport until I happened to be on the interstate and saw VP Chenney's motorcade leaving it. weird!