Friday, May 6, 2011

Awesomeday: May 4th edition

Do you remember that Wednesday is now Awesomeday? A time to reflect and take joy in the little things in life? Turn potential negatives into positives? There were a couple of things that I didn't share on this past Awesomeday, but they made it even more awesome. I am riding a high around here even though I am still looking for a way to make ends meet. There is naught but positive and joy!

1. Awesomeday!! I really do get a kick out of thinking about and sharing the small things.
2. Scones and the Gluten Free Ratio Rally!
3. A full belly from oatmeal and the 2nd cup of coffee. (Yes, I have gone back to drinking the entire pot. Sigh.)
4. Intergalactic Star Wars status day. "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future."--Yoda (This seems to be particularly meaningful for me right now.)
5. Making a feathered headband with Boo, my nephew, for his display/report on North Dakota for the Geography Fair.6. Completeing Cardio party from Turbo Jam early enough in the day so I had time to fit in the 20 minute workout as well. Whoo hoo, I am all caught up through day 5!
7. A clean bathroom. There aren't enough positive things I can say about this!
8. Bloggers Bake for Hope! Go and bid on baked goods to support breast cancer research. Hurry though! Bidding ends today!
9. Red Velvet Cake ice cream (Ben & Jerry's) and blog hopping on the Gluten Free Ratio Rally hosted by Celiac Teen.
10. Bedtime and looking forward to the Geography Fair. (Note: The Fair was fun! One hundred home school people eating, conversing, and learning about various cultures and parts of the world. Other than the Monkey and Boo's displays, I loved the one on fruit salad showing where all the different fruits come from in the world!)



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