Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turbo Jam & Wellness Update

In the middle of my April workouts, I decided to dedicate April to Turbo Jam, and do a full round. With minimal convincing from my friend/coach Sarah, I decided to dive in at the Advanced level since I had incorporated it into my workout routines for a full month. And why not right?! :)

Post Cardio Party 5/28/11

I started the month at 205 and with some significant losses in inches from my thighs and arms. I was very excited by the inch and a half off of each thigh since I hadn't seen a real change in a month or two in actual numbers. My clothes were fitting differently, and that was great! The lack of change on the scale and the tape measure were bothering me.

I am working day by day to overcome my dependence on the scale and tape measure. I am now forcing my OCD self to measure once a month, and weigh once a week. In addition, I am trying not to allow myself to worry if I gain two pounds, because I KNOW that I am getting lean and trim. The proof is in the clothing. Did I tell you that I bought an Easter dress in a 16 and had to return it less than a month later for a 14?! Yep! I know things are happening!

Despite 7 months of getting progressively more aggressive in my intensity levels, I started Turbo Jam at the very, very low impact level. By this fourth week, I was reaching lower, and doing a wide variety of the higher impact moves. Tonight I even attempted to jump rope, and was reminded why I don't by the soreness in my chest. I will be going back to side to side hop/shakes.

My Abs (gah!) 5/28/11

Did you notice I didn't post a weight or inches lost update? There wasn't a change, and I am okay with that. :)

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  1. Hey Brooke,
    Good for you getting exercise. I have been trying to up my exercise these last few months too. I have been jogging. Went out yesterday, it must have been near 90 degrees. Too hot! I think today it is indoor treadmill for me:-)
    Keep up the good work!