Monday, July 18, 2011

Heat Sickness and Me

So I was going great guns with P90x. Then half way through week 2 I came down with a horrid case of heat sickness. One minute I was fine the next I was stripping down, cooling off with a wet paper towel, and laying down. I kept putting water in me, and taking it easy.

Friday I got in my workout, except for Ab Ripper. It was a struggle. I won't kid you. I woke up Saturday feeling yucky, and decided to keep sucking down the water. I spent part of the day laying on the floor in front of the air conditioner. I wanted to be better for Sunday when I was supposed to be going out for an outing with the singles group. I was very much looking forward to it, as I don't get out much.

Awoke Sunday morning feeling alright so I tried out Saturday's workout, Kenpo X. I managed about 30 minutes before realizing I just couldn't do it. I was dizzy, nauseated, and my headache was worse. I got the younglings up, fed and dressed for church. Opted for not going myself in the vain hope that I could go on the outing. Yeah, my sister called at noon and I was still sleeping. Spent the day in and out of sleep. It was later in the day that I posted on Facebook for ideas on how to beat the sickness. I got a text from a friend who is a nurse.

And guess what? Chugging all that water? It was actually having an adverse affect on my electrolytes. Who knew? (that is rhetorical. I now know that a lot of people have this information.) I had myself a glass of warm jello before bed to help with the sickness.

Woke up today feeling better. Been eating, adding coconut water to my beverage, and decided that day 1 of week 3 of P90x is going to be a miss. I don't want to overdo. So I will pick back up with Cardio X in the morning. I have learned a lot in these last five days, and I am not going to make these mistakes again.


  1. My brother used to get that a heck of a lot. It's awful. Good for you for realizing you needed to slow down a bit.

  2. This heat has been crazy! I have been wanting to try P90x...

  3. The heat has been crazy. I have decided that yesterday's 100+ probably got the last of it out of me. That and maybe the early bedtime due to our power being out last night.

    Keri~P90x has been amazing for me. I am learning all sorts of things about myself, and I know from my runner friends that the strength portions are a good mix with race training.