Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transformation Tuesday

I had a great start to my morning. I woke up with time to get my sister up, poke at the nephew and son, get my workout clothes on, and then push those boys some more. They had breakfast and were ready for the bus with ten minutes to spare. It was awesome!

Here's the transformation part. I went up to the attic to complete day 16 of the 21 day fix, which is upper fix. While my disk loaded, I unwrapped my new weights. I transformed my weights from zero and 2 pound to three and five pound weights. I am sure my arms will be jelly tomorrow, but it felt so good to make that progress.

I tried very hard to hold onto this feeling as I realized when I was ten minutes from work that I didn't have my military identification on me. This meant I had to drive all the way home and back, which resulted in me being 40 minutes late. Top this off with some serious hormone surges, and I was a wreck. My take away from this is to not deviate from the plan, i.e. always wear/place put important stuff in the same place. It is important to adhere to some of these rigid structures to enable us to grow, and do the things we need to do without having to worry. There you go, a Tuesday thought, as well!

P.S. Don't let weather related internet issues get you down!

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