Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Banana Bread & Other Recent Adventures in Toddlerhood

I will share the most recent good & bad from our weekend. The boy brought me half a loaf of banana bread when I was in the bathroom. When I finished and came out, I discovered the plastic cutting knife from his new play set (he says, "cut apple?") on the counter, his rocking chair pushed up against the cabinets, and tiny bites taken out of the other three loaves of bread on the counter. Obviously he was trying to cut his own slice of bread and failing that just took what he wanted. Cute but also frustrating. Good thing I wasn't intending to give the fruits of my labor as holiday gifts.

Bad or more frustrating: Toddler attitude combined with his Irish temper on Sunday at nap time. I was changing his diaper (which took 20 minutes to pin him down for that one), and he kept telling me "shoes back on play". My response was the same each time. Not putting your shoes back on since you are going nigh-night. By the third repetition he got frustrated with me (hellooo, I am the grown-up!) and just cried/threw a fit.

Sometimes I wonder why I got into this mom thing to begin with, and then I feel his head on my shoulder & his arm wrapped around my neck. Man, I love being his mom!

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