Friday, November 30, 2007

My Boy Turns 3!!

Can't really believe that it has been three years since he came out angry at the world, hollering for all he was worth. I love the little booger with all my heart and cherish each milestone he (and we) reaches. Even when they mark the end of something special (nursing) or mark one more safe day (still rear facing) or a new illness (yay we had croup for his birthday!). So a small photo essay of his birthday. Thanks for bearing with me.

Off on our special birthday adventure that included a haircut, lunch out & a trip to the park.

His birthday cake made by yours truly. My artistic skills, which are woeful, were greatly challenged by this endeavor. Did you know that they don't currently make a mickey mouse pan? And the ones on e-bay are way overpriced?

His table of gifts!

Doing what he does best, shoveling it in!

Playing with his new Mickey Mouse piano (from the Mickey Mouse Name that Tune toy!)

And for memory lane purposes, a trip home from the hospital, at one and then at two. The time does fly.

His blue eyes still slay me, his sweet smile makes me want to grab him up and his sloppy kisses and hugs make me forget for awhile that he has turned into a mouthy three year old.


  1. Oh my gosh! I didn't realize you MADE the cake. You did a great job. No way could I have pulled that off!

    Great pics as well.

  2. Thank you. Still would have prefered the simplicity of having all my lines already on the cake rather than having to cut ear shapes from a round & free drawing the eyes & mouth. :)

  3. Happy belated birthday to your precious boy, he seems like such an amazing kid!

  4. oh Brooke, he slays me too.

    and the cake is waaay impressive!

  5. Very cute cake! I'm STILL trying really hard to get out of the house get S a gift, and ship it to you. I'm a bad, bad friend.

    Plus, I just realized I have not blogged about Celia turning 3. Apparently, I'm also a bad bad mommy.