Thursday, May 22, 2008

Haircut May 2008

Just for the fun of it. Pre-haircut snack complete with yoda sunglasses inside.

Post-haircut just chilling in the car.

My sweet boy looks so grown up.


  1. I love the curls, but the haircut looks great!

  2. love that infectious smile. and he's rocking his haircut.

    we're going to have to go that route one of these days, too...sniff. you've given me a fine reminder that they are still cute after. ;)

  3. His haircut looks great- such a big boy! The Girl still has not had an "official" hair cut, I just can't bring myself to take her!

  4. He's really handsome, no matter what his haircut. But it must be so sad to see the little pretty curls fall to the floor. : ( Lets hope the Luke Skywalker look is still cool when he is a teenager. : )


  5. bon~it will be okay. his first haircut I bawled my eyes out. and he does love to get it cut.

    traci~I hope so. cause honestly I like his slightly shaggy look.