Thursday, June 19, 2008


This is going to be a two parter, part philosophical and part pure cuteness.

Part 1: Dual personality

Boy 1 is destructive, mean and hurtful. He throws everything and laughs. He hits or kicks and laughs. He runs away when he is going to be in trouble and laughs. He stands in the corner and laughs. You threaten him with time in the corner or time out, and he says "we'll just see about that." He has an extremely fresh mouth.

Boy 2 is sweet as sweet can be. He helps out around the house by putting stuff away, and taking his dishes to the sink when he is done. He plays outside nicely, helps with the garden, and listens to what he is told. He gives hugs and kisses, and goes to bed with no problems. He sweetly tells his auma what he wants to say to his momma through the instant messenger even though he doesn't totally get how auma is talking to me. (Note: he said hi 20 times, happy father's day, sang me the abcd song, told me he was going outside, and then finally "I love you. see you later. good bye")

Question: Why is it that boy 1 spends all his time at my house and boy 2 makes a rare appearance? I adore boy 2. He makes me laugh and smile and feel good about this child I am raising. Boy 1 makes me wonder if I am raising a sociopath. Then I talk to my best friend who has a little boy just 2 1/2 months older than S. Through these conversations I am assured that S is perfectly normal as my god-son is acting the same way. Then again maybe we are both raising sociopaths. sigh.

Part 2: Farmer S

My son adores all things tractor and gardening. In fact at this point in his life I am pretty sure he will at least make a hobby of gardening if not a life's work. These are photos from yesterday that I feel compelled to share. A note of interest is that he got himself fully dressed yesterday morning in that auma sent him to get dressed & he picked out everything and put it on.

Tractor Boy


  1. I am so there with you!!! You're most certainly not alone. :D
    He's pretty darn cute on the tractor though.

  2. M. has started laughing at me when I put her in timeout, too. It is slightly terrifying and makes me want to call Supernanny.

  3. Nic to know I am not alone. And yes, the laugh has me thinking I have spawned an imp who needs super-nanny.

  4. I'm pretty sure you're not raising a sociopath. My brother, when very young, realized that he could pretty much do what he wanted. I swear, he weighed the pros and cons of known punishment and nine times out of ten, he did it. I can't recall a gleeful little laugh, but I do still have a faint scar from a bite that came out of nowhere and various and sundry other little incidents.

    Today, he is still stubborn, but definitely not a sociopath (at least I don't think so, but then again, he is my little brother).

    Great pictures. He can go into Horticulture or landscape architecture.

  5. What? No hours on end of tantrums spurred by sleepiness and hunger? You have a saint on your hands...of course, I could probably get my child sleep and food...

    I think boy 1 and boy 2 sound like a great boy. ; )

  6. Oh you are definately not alone. The Girl is Jekyll and Hyde too- more Hyde than Jekyll most days! She will tell me that it's ok for her to tear up The Boy's painting because "I don't like it", she will growl at me when I ask her to use her words, and she will tell That Guy "I don't like you" if he asks for a hug.