Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days in Review

For the month of November, my friend Sarah over at Uberlibrariana issued a challenge for 30 days of awesome. I took her up on it, and set some goals of my own.

30 Day Shakeology Challenge: I tried this in September and ended up going about 6 weeks before finishing my first bag. I came closer this month. I did 22 of the 30 days with a Shakeology beverage. The days that I didn't were generally either a Sunday (dinner with the family) or a special day (read a really long day where I was to tired to do much more than fall in bed or say Thanksgiving!). I tend to use my Shakeology as a dessert or late evening munchies cure. (Don't know what Shakeology is? Check it out here! Then ask me some questions.) I did, however, get a little further on my wellness journey. I think I have a good chance of hitting my pre-pregnancy weight again by my birthday in February.
  • Lost 3 pounds, bringing my total to 15 since the end of August
  • Lost a 1/2 inch off my waist, bringing the total there to 6 inches
  • Lost a 1/2 inch off my hips, bringing the total there to 1 1/2 inches

Fitness: My goal with fitness was to do some sort of aerobic activity and work out on the Wii Fit doing a routine of my choosing every day. I only made the Wii Fit for 12 days, and missed 8 days of workout. For 6 of those 8 days, I made up the planned exercise on other days. I am counting the aerobic aspect a win for this month, and the Wii Fit a good start. Sometimes it is hard to figure out where to put all the different workouts when running hither and yon or so as not to disturb the younglings while they sleep. I am still working through this, and don"t know what I will do when I actually am working again.

All in all I think that I did the very best that I can while listening to my body. I think that is probably key to my wellness at this point, because that is what I am aiming for-my personal wellness. It is for me and for the monkey. I want to be a good example, and participate fully in his life.


  1. So proud of you! You inspire ME!

  2. Thank you both. I feel really good about the changes I have been making, and know that I can keep up with them. :)

  3. Great post! Inspiring to see you making huge strides toward your goals! Keep it up!!! :-)