Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January's Personal Fitness Challenge

I had hoped that this week's post would be a new recipe, but after a second attempt they still need some work. Despite their dryness, I think they will make a lovely bread pudding. Tomorrow will be spent in pudding and cranberry sauce making so that I can try them again. Next week for sure.

Instead, I decided to tell you what I have been doing fitness wise this month. One of my kind of nebulous New Years resolutions/goals was to increase the number and length of my workouts. As I approached January 1st, I hadn't worked out in nearly a week and I was just plumb tuckered out from illness. Nothing major. Just a severe cold with lots of yuck. I came up with the notion of challenging myself to work out daily with the Wii. No other workouts, just the Wii. I am very proud to say that here we are at day 19 of 2011 and I have completed 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) thirty minute workouts. I have been mostly free stepping on the Wii Fit while watching season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but have done a bit of dancing with the Michael Jackson Experience and one free run/jog. I feel great, and motivated to continue the workouts. In fact, I have decided to do themed challenges each month to keep mixing it up for myself.

In addition, I am back on the Shakeology 4 times a week, and have officially hit the 20 pounds lost goal. This is shaping up to be an awesome year.

Question: How do you keep yourself from stagnating or becoming bored with your workouts?


  1. I also challenge myself, but a little differently. I set up goals, which usually don't work for me, on my the sight I use for weight loss. My goals are basic: 3 cardio workouts per week (I am for 45 minutes, helped by the fact that the DVDs I've been using are 45 minutes, most of them) and 2 yoga workouts per week, at least 30 minutes.

    The reward for me will be a 4 week streak, which won't happen for 4 weeks as a couple of weeks this month I missed one cardio either due to something that got in the way or allergies out of control. Still, the goal setting seems to be working as a challenge for me, which surprises me, but whatever works.

  2. I don't schedule my workouts. If I schedule them for the same day every week, I find excuses to get out of them. Instead, I tell myself I'll go the gym 3-4 times a week, whatever day that might end up being. It's been a month, and I've kept up that goal!