Thursday, March 17, 2011

Soup, Soda Bread and Socks!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! This is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it is the Irish in me or the great food or the great sense that we are all one people on this day (isn't everyone Irish today?! :)). So I thought I would share a tradition with you. Starting in college I made matzo ball soup and soda bread as my meal for this special day as I don't eat beef or pork, and wanted something simple. Tonight we will be having some leftover cream of chicken soup my mother made, but I will share with you the soup I made last night. It was shared a couple of weeks ago on It's a Keeper Thursday by Making Memories...One Fun Thing After Another. I think the next time we do it that I will only do one package of taco seasoning as it was just a bit much for us.

To go with our soup this St. Patrick's Day, I tried to make soda bread from a recipe by the Gluten Free Girl. It is posted on the Food Network-Healthy Eats. I am sad to say that while mine looked nice it was still a bit gooey on the inside even after extending the cooking time by 45 minutes, and hearing the hollowness. My sister has suggested that I try something glutenous to see if it is just the gluten free stuff or just everything that is destined to give me fits. I am inclined to believe that my gluten free bread making skills are the same as my candy making skills, i.e. non-existent. :P

And just because it is a tradition for me I am sharing my favorite pair of holiday socks with you. Yes, I am wearing them today with one of my many holiday shirts. :)


  1. Love the socks! And I think bread is evil. I can't make it myself either.

  2. Thanks! I think they are my favs of my 30+ pairs of toe socks. :)

    Before the gluten free stuff, I was passable at bread. Now I just feel jinxed. :P