Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 1: P90x

The impetus for my doing P90x was actually a couple of friends who I talked to who had bought it, but never actually done anything with it. I decided that I would do it with them, and our small Facebook support group was born. There are seven of us to start with who are providing support to each other in this life changing journey. Today I am going to share my before photos. Tomorrow you will get my thoughts on how I am feeling about the workouts. I am excited to be taking this journey with others.

Starting weight: 205


  1. How great to be taking this challenge on with a group of friends! I'm so curious about the P90X. I just don't know if my joints could take it at this point.
    I'm going to keep watching your progress. I just found this, so I get to catch up now.
    great photos. How much fun it'll be to see your progress!

  2. It is fun! Not sure which e-mail to direct it to, but I think that P90x can be modified to be good for anyone at any fitness level. :) I am just going into recovery week now, which is the final week of phase one.