Friday, July 13, 2012

Ultimate Reset Beginnings

I have been fairly quiet around here. Part of that was some weirdness going around our house, i.e. mysterious illnesses and the joys of summer day camp schedules. The other part was me preparing myself for the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody. I was reading my book, studying the recipes, and watching my DVD all to prepare for the 3 week detox of my body. Honestly, I was a little nervous as to how I would do without my coffee and without any sort of strenuous exercise (yoga and walking are all that are recommended since you are giving your insides a workout). Been doing fine with both of those so far. Want to know what is killing me? I want a cookie soooo bad. I know it is the PMS talking, but still I can't shake it. Have I reached for those dang cookies? No, but I did give them a good hard look at the grocery store. 

I know I was under-hydrated yesterday as I ended the day with a headache, but otherwise I have been feeling no ill side affects. Am I having a hard time working out the supplements with my schedule? Yeah. Working two jobs is rough on a body, and figuring out when to take things so you can eat at a time that works between the two or all the children's activities/appointments? It is a challenge I can overcome. Just going to take some changing things up. And least you all think I am starving, these are my meals from the first two days. I think I had plenty. :)
Day 1

Day 2


  1. Hey! I just came across your blog and it's so nice. The food looks delicious! You can check out my blog at, if you enjoy feel free to follow by clicking 'join this site' directly on my blog! Thanks so much! Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks Sarah! You have an awesome looking blog.

  3. Looks great! I would eat that!

  4. Coby? It was honestly some of the best food. I am planning to do it this August with a small group. :)