Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ultimate Reset Results

So, I was a little behind in posting. Life got in the way of things as it sometimes does, and I chose to spend some of my free time with the Monkey. It was beneficial for both of us. :) 

I have reached the end of my journey on the Ultimate Reset, and wanted to share my physical results with you as soon as possible. You should be looking for a post on the journey by the weekend. I started this journey 21 days ago at 203 pounds according to the Wii Fit board. I weighed in this morning, and I am officially 193 pounds!! That is 10 pounds! And I feel a kick start to my journey in the weight loss department. In addition to that, I lost 7 inches total with the most significant being 2 inches of each my waist and hips. I am very, very pleased with these results and with the changes I see coming.


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