Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Goal

When I started the 21 day fix almost six weeks ago, I set a goal with my challenge group that I have been working toward for quite awhile. The goal was to be a size 12 by Mother's Day. 

Why a size? I have been a 14 for almost two years, and it is frankly depressing. I know why I haven't moved down. The extreme fatigue and dizzy spells that started in 2013 really halted everything. I could exercise sporadically, because I just never knew when a spell would hit me. With the help of my fabulous naturopath I am slowly getting better, and I am close to finishing a second round of The Fix. 

Did I meet my goal? They are snug, but those capris are a 12. Next up? Starting a 90 day program. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me.


  1. You look amazing... and you should be extremely proud of yourself. We all are! xox