Monday, July 6, 2015

Backtrack or Follow through?

I I have been having a rough time the last three weeks. Weeks five and six of TurboFire were rocky, and in the middle of six I was slammed with a summer cold. Seriously wiped me out, and is till killing me. Week 7? I got exactly one workout in, and overslept my alarms every single day.

I wasn't eating as well as I should, but it didn't seem to matter as I have developed a digestive issue that takes 2/3 of my meals out of my system before I get all my nutrients. I have been frustrated with my self and my body.

As I was debating doing week seven over again, I saw a post by a coach I admire. She admitted to falling off the wagon, and said she never went back and re-did the missed or bad weeks. She just kept moving forward. So with that inind, I am officially starting week eight for good or bad!


  1. Good job! I think you're making the right choice in keeping on the schedule. We all have off weeks. Hang in there!

    1. It makes sense. Got to move forward and not back. Besides I need to get to Cize. 😀