Monday, April 4, 2011

Results: Two Kinds

I know you are probably itching for the Shakeology cleanse results, but I am going to give you something else first. A few weeks ago, I asked for your votes in the Body Gospel Million Dollar Body contest. Your votes garnered me a spot in the semi-finals, and I am grateful for the opportunities that has given me. Sadly, I didn't make it to the finals, but it was a really great ride. Thank you so much for your support.

Above you see my final photo for the contest from about the beginning of March. I was hovering at that plateau I talked about in my last post and just shy of a 25 pound weight loss. I talked about how the cleanse went a little bit. I think it could have gone better if I hadn't been ill. I was to far under on calories both days for it to be fully effective. There IS a reason they recommend 800-1200 calories a day (or maybe I am confused?). I did get close to 900 calories on Saturday, but with the hacking and the fever things just didn't go as planned. I did, however, lose an additional 2 pounds. This brings total weight loss at this point to TWENTY NINE pounds!! Time will tell (and so will I) if this will kick start my body back into the weight loss that it needs to be doing. For now, I will continue to recover from my cooties and ease back into my fitness routine. Be well!

April 3, 2011 at 204 pounds


  1. I think it probably helped you. I am looking forward to doing mine. I have been stuck at 151 for weeks, and I think if I could just break 150, it would not only just be downhill from there, it would do wonders for my morale.
    Plus, another benefit of the cleanse is that it gets the gross stuff out of your system. This is what I need. I've been reaching for "convenient" foods a lot more often lately :-)

    Have I said lately how proud I am of you? :-)

  2. Great job, Brooke! Look at your smile - glad to see that because you should be VERY proud of yourself for your accomplishments! Keep it up and feel better!!!