Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesomeday Makes a Return

Had you noticed that my re-caps hadn't appeared in a couple of weeks? I have been a serious slacker, and my apologize. Going to try and keep up with it in the next weeks.

1. Coffee and oatmeal. yes, I am an addict. :)

2. Packing up a sample of Shakeology and realizing how much I love sharing it with others.

3. Going to the post office by myself. (Really I just love all trips in the care by myself!)

4. Realizing that the Bozrah Farmer's Market opening night is just two days away!!! Can't wait for fresh produce, chevre from Beltane Farm, and all the other yummy things.

5. Doing the math on the P90x nutrition guide and discovering that I will need 3000 calories a day while doing the program. Bwahahaha!!
  • This is funny as I am currently consuming around 1500 calories. I am doing some more math today to see if I can come up with something more reasonable, and know that I may have to play with it as I do the program.

6.Watching the younglings play at the school "park and getting in a bit of swinging myself.

7. Finally checking into, and laughing at my top 10 areas where I am influential (obesity, chocolate, gospel, pancakes, heaven, recipes, P90x, fitness, training, #1)

8. Both the Monkey and Boo are in bed before 8 p.m., and I am pretty sure they are both asleep. (Hasn't happpened in forever!)

9. Writing the blog post for my entry into the SOS Kitchen Challenge this month knowing that the Monkey boy is going to L-O-V-E it.

10. Love seeing my friends and family starting to participate in Awesomeday, and love seeing the beginnings of it reaching into their friends. Awesome!

How was your Awesomeday?!

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