Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun times & Monday Mingle

Seriously, one of the longest weekends. We had an overnight guest Friday. Very, very cute and generally easy to be with. However, the Goober Girl not only has an ear infection, but a very snotty nose to go with it. To top her snotty nose, ALL the rest of us have come down with colds complete with snotty noses. I went over my calories on Saturday due to the four mugs of hot tea and honey I consumed. So our weekend has been consumed my medicine, boxes of tissues and general crankiness. Fun, huh?! :)

So while, I was away the Monkey had a number of adventures, and I thought I would post a couple of photos from them prior to my answers to the Monday Mingle questions. Enjoy!

Playing on the climbing structure at The Dinosaur Place (home school field trip)

Strawberry picking with the family

Playing board games at Camp Calumet

1. Do you like going to the county fair? Are you going this year?

--When I was growing up we lived for fair time. It was the highlight of fall. Yes, I said fall. I grew up in California where our fair was in the fall. I even put my mouse collection in one year, and got an honorable mention ribbon. I miss going to the Kern County Fair. Probably not going to the fair this year. We just never seem to have the time.

2. What is your guilty pleasure food at fairs or amusement parks?

--The answer to this really depends on where it is. At the fair I grew up with there was a place that did these amazing cinnamon rolls. I can still smell and taste them. Then at Disneyland I really can't leave until I have had a chicken skewer from the Bengal Barbeque. Everywhere else? It just depends upon my mood.

3. Finish this sentence… “It never fails – every time I go to the grocery store, _________________”.

--Oh gosh! I could fill that in a number of ways. First, I come home with things that weren't on the list, which always annoys me. I make a list to avoid these issues. I don't want random un-needed food in my house. blah! Second, I come home without things on the list or things that should have been on the list but never made it there for whatever reason. I think I annoy myself more with this one, because it then leads to another trip to the store where I may come home with things that aren't on the list. A vicious cycle!


  1. I went to a fair when I grew up. I'm not even sure what kind it was. I know that people entered things they made and also kids entered livestock, etc. I really liked it but have been to nothing like it in over 30 years.

    Mmmmmm fair food.

    Haha.. That's me too at the store. Way too much time, way too much money, and I forget stuff that I wrote down myself on the list!

    I'm following your blog and Twitter now and have 'liked' you on FB!

    Have a great week!

  2. I love that you were able to participate in your fair. I should get my girls to do that here. I am not sure how but that would be fun one year. I am so strict with my grocery budget and that has cured me from impulse buying. The girls have never really begged me for things so I am lucky that way too. Have a great week!

  3. In New England where I grew up we had fairs in the fall, too, and they were amazing. With music, animals, and great food - yep, the smells would reach you at least a block before you got there.
    I know what you mean about not getting the things you need at the store and then having to go back to get them, and having extra things that you really don't need because of both trips.
    Have a nice week.