Saturday, May 26, 2012

Geography & Famous Person Fair

I don't post much home school related stuff here, but thought I would share the latest accomplishment of the Monkey.

Last year the younglings participated in the Geography Fair, and had a fabulous time presenting their projects on Mexico and North Dakota and interacting with all the other kids. This year two amazing parents of our home school group combined forces and fairs for one amazing evening. The premise behind the fairs is similar to that of say your more traditional science fair, i.e. pick a topic, study on it, create a display about your subject, and then present it to the group.

So for the Geography portion the Monkey chose the state of South Dakota. Originally, his idea was that he would get to make fry bread like his cousin had done the previous year.

He ended up making something totally different, and doesn't even remember the fry bread.

As part of their projects, the younglings wrote away to their states asking for any materials they might be willing to donate. The Monkey used his to create his display, which focused on National Parks and other things to do in the state.

This was all that was left of the Apple Kuchen that he made with a little bit of his Auma's help. Did you know that each state can have a dessert just like they do a bird or anything else?

For the Famous Person portion of the program, the Monkey came up with the idea of electricity. Not a famous person you say? Ha! Between all of us, we eventually came up with an idea and a concept for his display. We got books on various people involved in the discovery of electricity, we did Internet searches, and we looked at videos about various electrical devices. His teacher, i.e. Auma, had a hard time with him on this project, but he was all about presenting it at the fair. I am hoping it was worth it for both of them.

He and his Auntie Bubba set up his electricity experiment using bottles of water and copper and zinc something or others to light a small bulb. Electricity is everywhere.

Explaining his experiment and project to one of the parents while his Auma looks on.

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