Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summit Day 2

Yep. Here I am on Day 2 ready to go workout with Donna Richardson Joyner (Body Gospel) at 6 a.m. You read that right. I am wide awake, coffee free and smiling. Who knew?

I am really hoping that the group doesn't mind, but this is the class after Donna got done with us. Still smiling, and feeling blessed. Even more blessed after she said a prayer over us.

Then it was off to have my butt worked off by Leandro Carvalho at 7:15 a.m. Yes, yes. Back to back workouts. He ended the workout, which ran over like every other workout, with a cool-down/dance party to the song, Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Awesomeness!

After the double workout, I was feeling a bit sassy. So, I went with the animal print (don't ask me to identify it) sweater with a white cami and black capri's. They stood me in good stead as I headed out to the opening session in the Grand Garden Arena and then after lunch at Wendy's (side salad & baked 'toe) to a seminar on "Flexing Your Social Media Muscle: How to Stand Out in Social Media."

Hey look at that!!! I made Shakeology daily (except Saturday ) in my room. Brought my blender along, and a collapsible ice chest for the goodies. I know I wasn't the only one, and I don't mean just my room-mates, who brought their healthiest meal of the day along for the ride.

After the workshops, it was time for the third workout of the day. I opted to visit Dr. Mark Cheng and get a little Tai Cheng in for a final workout. This is the workout of one of my challenge-support group members, and I wanted to try it out. Supreme awareness of my body, energy tingling in my hands, and a feeling of peace and sweatyness after just 45 minutes. I can see where this program would be beneficial to people of all ages and agility.

I ended my second day with dinner at the Earl of Sandwich with 2 other coaches before heading back to the MGM for the Beachbody's Got Talent Show. What a hoot! They even took a few talented people from the audience between acts. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Summit Day 3 is coming earlier than expected....

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