Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summit Day 1

So, I have been silent for awhile here. Been just a wee bit busy preparing for a little trip to Las Vegas for the 2012 Coach Summit. What is Summit? Summit is a time for Team Beachbody coaches, Beachbody trainers and corporate personnel to come together to learn from each other, work out, and celebrate the successes of the past year and get pumped up about what the coming year will bring. It started officially this past Thursday, but some of us got there early so that we could connect before all the activities, seminars and workouts took us every which way.

Taking a page from my friend Catherine of Small Town, Big Wardrobe, you are getting daily outfit photos. In my TurboFire tank, I headed out with eight other ladies to see what this Stripper 101 class is all about. I can see why pole dancing is growing as an area of fitness. My quads were sore for two days. 

This is my pretty blue cami and blouse paired with brown capri's & sandals. Heading out to the first workshops on Thursday.


I didn't look nearly this pretty after just over an hour with Mr. Tony Horton and 2000 coaches. The workout we did was the same (similar?) to the one he does when he visits the troops. Can we say he whooped my heiney?

Summit Day 2 coming soon......

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